Dawn French

Dawn French is a writer and performer who is considered by many polls to be one of the UK’s greatest living comedians and most popular actors. Her most recent book, Because of You, became an instant best seller.

Often described as warm, insightful, caring, and always hilarious; all of these qualities are reflected in Dawn’s works from her books and audiobooks, decades of experience on television, to her extensive experience with radio.

Dawn has starred in hit comedies such as The Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders making her a household name for comedy fans around the world. French and Saunders was created with her comedy partner and best friend Jennifer Saunders. Whether it is hosting a TV show in Australia or her countless guest appearances on a huge number of shows, Dawn remains a mainstay on TV screens to this day.

Her award highlights include BAFTA and Writers’ Guild wins, a British Comedy Award, and the 2011 Glamour Award for Writer. Her popularity has been so enduring that it should have been no surprise when the rights for her 2008 autobiography Dear Fatty were won by Penguin for an astounding £1.5 million advance.

Dawn has also narrated a number of books (as well as narrating all of her own books), narration for children’s books, and has performed in a number of audio specials, including a three hour special with her equally funny and successful comedy partner Jennifer Saunders, called French & Saunders: Titting About.

Because of You


An instant best seller. After five long years of waiting for a new Dawn French novel, you will fall in love with this tantalising story of motherhood.

This is a book about mothers and daughters, love and loss, mistakes and regret. It’s a book about nature and nurture. Ultimately, it’s a book about what makes us who we are; it is a story for all of us. Following her wonderful bestsellers A Tiny Bit Marvellous, Oh Dear Silvia, and According to Yes, Because Of You is Dawn French’s stunning new book, told with her signature humour, warmth, and so much love.

Me. You. A Diary


You can start a diary at any time of the year so why not record your thoughts alongside Dawn’s warm and witty observations. It’s a brilliant way to pay-attention to and remember the days you’re living through…

Also available in paperback and Kindle as Me. You: Not A Diary.

Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle

According to Yes


Manhattan’s wealthy Upper East Side has its own rigid code of behaviour. One strictly adhered to by the Wilder-Bingham family.

  1. Emotional displays – unacceptable.
  2. Unruly behaviour – definitely not welcome.
  3. Fun – no thanks.

So when Rosie Kitto, an eccentric primary school teacher from England, bonces into this fortress of restraint with a heart as big as the city, the family quickly discovers that she hasn’t read the rule book.

After a lifetime of saying no, what happens when everyone starts saying… yes?

Oh Dear Silvia


Everyone knows the real Silvia, don’t they?

Silvia Shute lies in hospital in a coma. Family and friends gather at her bedside, each thinking they know the real Silvia. But do they? For Silvia hides a secret. One she can never tell. And as her visitors congregate so the truth about Silvia is slowly revealed. Again, and again and again . . .

Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

A Tiny Bit Marvellous


A Tiny Bit Marvellous is the story of a modern family all living in their own separate bubbles lurching towards meltdown. This book is for anyone who has ever shared a home with that weird group of strangers we call relations.

Dear Fatty


A hilarious, heartwarming memoir from one of Britain’s best-loved comedians. Dear Fatty consists of letters to the different people who have been in Dawn’s life, offering a fascinating and frequently hilarious inside look into Dawn French’s remarkable life.

From her apartment-sharing antics with Jennifer Saunders to the death of her father, from her outspoken views on sizeism to her views on Madonna, Dear Fatty chronicles the extraordinary, hilarious rise of a complex, dynamic, and unstoppable woman.

Books and audio specials:

French & Saunders: Titting About (5 October 2020) featuring Jennifer Saunders | Amazon: audio

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (17 September 2020) BBC | Amazon: audio

Because of You (15 October 2020) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

Locked Together (15 April 2020) featuring Jennifer Saunders | Amazon: audio

Joan of Arc, and How She Became a Saint (20 June 2019) BBC | Amazon: audio

Women Talking About Cars (21 March 2019) BBC | Amazon: audio

You. Me. A Diary (2017) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle

According to Yes (22 October 2015) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

Vicar of Dibley 1 (1 November 2012) BBC | Amazon: audio

Oh Dear Silvia (25 October 2012) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

A Tiny Bit Marvellous (28 October 2010) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

A Certain Age, Vol. 1: Female Monologues (01 June 2010) BBC | Amazon: audio

Mastering the Universe (17 April 2009) BBC | Amazon: audio

A Feast of French and Saunders (30 September 1991) out of print | Amazon: hardcover / paperback

Books for kids narrated by Dawn:

The Kipper Collection: 8 Books in 1 (1 January 1998) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper (18 April 1991) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s Toy Box (1 October 1992) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s Birthday (18 March 1993) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s Snowy Day (1 September 1996) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s Christmas Eve (14 December 1998) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure (19 October 2000) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s Monster (24 April 2001) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Kipper’s New Pet (7 June 2016) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Aaaarrgghh, Spider! (18 May 2010) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Coraline: An Adventure Too Weird for Words (5 March 2009) | Amazon: audio

Gumboot’s Chocolatey Day (17 February 2006) | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / audio

Read & Listen: Peter Pan (24 August 2000) (beware: used copies are known to arrive without the audio CD) | Amazon: out of print 🙁

Other books:

Get your knits out for Dawn’s knitwear design collection, in collaboration with Sylvie Soudan. Although now out of print, you may find a preowned copy at a reasonable price with some luck:

Big Knits: Bold, Beautiful, Designer Knitwear (1 January 1990) | Amazon: hardcover

Great Big Knits: Over Twenty Designer Patterns (1 January 1993) | Amazon: hardcover

Books about or relating to Dawn French:

Dawn French Quotes: 45+ Motivational Quotes By Dawn French For A Perfect Twinkling Day (12 March 2019) | Amazon: Kindle

Dawn French Bought My Lava Lamp + other short stories (9 Feb 2015) | Amazon: Kindle

Dawn French: Life, Career, Weight loss (22 October 2012) | Amazon: Kindle

Extraordinary Lives: Julie Walters, Alan Titchmarsh, Dawn French and Patrick Swayze (2010) | Amazon: hardcover

Beneath the Cassock: The Real-Life Vicar of Dibley (1 August 2002) out of print | Amazon: hardcover / paperback

Dawn French: Level One (5 June 2000) La Loupe, or ‘Level One’, is designed to help students learn French.

Dawn recommends:

Us Three (1 September 2020) by Ruth Jones. Dawn says ‘A touching celebration of the beauty and endurance of female friendship. There is nothing mightier. Fact.’ | audio narrated by Ruth Jones | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

Bonkers: My Life In Laughs (10 October 2013) by Jennifer Saunders. Dawn says on Jannifer’s comedy career ‘I cannot believe you’re this talented, I cannot believe it’s this successful, I can’t believe I’m not in it!’ | audio narrated by Jennifer Saunders | Amazon: hardcover / paperback / Kindle / audio

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